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Purpose and Mission

Latin America is undergoing rapid development in many sectors. Yet large numbers of its citizens continue to flee to North America to find what they believe is an improved opportunity to assist their families. But this opportunity often comes at a high cost. Their once stable family support system is disrupted as families become fragmented and their respective communities become increasingly impoverished by the loss of their energetic entrepreneurs. This downward cycle will continue until individuals find that their own communities are able to provide them with the opportunities they so desperately seek. The mission of United by Friendship is to assist communities to become healthy places where their citizens can live and thrive.

United by Friendship is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to benefit public health, education and economic development within communities of Latin America.

On this site you can learn more about United by Friendship, its accomplishments, its current projects and how you too can make a lasting difference.

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UbF would like to assist Laguna Danta with two additional classrooms and two bathrooms to accommodate the expanding student population.

We ask for your help in raising $16,823 to bring improved educational opportunity to the families of Laguna Danta.

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