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Good Neighbors Through Waste Diversion

The Guatemalan community of Jacubi is located high on a steep mountainside with small villages scattered below and the town of Uspantan its base.  Jacubi is distressed because their sewage is contaminating the soil, causing odors and illness all the way to and through the villages and town below.  Their leader says Jacubi would like to “be a good neighbor” and requests the help of UbF to build a sewer system to carry the waste from each home down the hillside, safely away from other communities.   The village will provide the manual labor.  With your help, UbF would like to provide the pipe and materials at a cost of $19,000.  

jac man     jac hut   

The obvious question…where will the waste end up.  Answer…in the river where all waste from the region goes. As distasteful as this is, there are no other immediate options.  Fortunately, after a study and talks on the subject between UbF and the county , the construction of a treatment plant, to which this sewer line would eventually connect, has become a priority.  In the meantime,   UbF would like to partner with Jacubi to help them be good neighbors and protect the health and wellbeing of others.  We are asking for your help in creating this waste diversion system…  not a particularly  sexy project but  a gritty one that will have a significant impact. 

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