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New Hope for Nueva Esperanza

In 2012 UbF expanded an existing water system for the large village of Nueva Esperanza (translated as New Hope) located in the remote tropics of the land known as the Zona Reina .  It is the most distant village UbF has ever traveled to and just getting there was an adventure on the newly cut and dangerous road through the jungle.  

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The village is comprised of resettled Marxist fighters and their families who survived Guatemala’s long civil war.  Having nowhere else to go, the government opened up these lands for them in accordance with the 1996 Peace Accords.  The community is unique in that it has three different Mayan groups, K’iche, Q’eqchi and Ixil, each with its own language, dress and traditions. During the construction of the  clean water system each linguistic group took its turn in the difficult task of digging miles of trenches with only hoes and shovels for the pipes.  Despite their language barriers, their collaboration and diligence was inspirational and UbF feels fortunate to have partnered with them.  Through clean water these three Mayan groups have now forged new unity and friendship.

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