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Uspantan Hospital Medical Equipment

The 30-bed hospital of Uspantan County, located in the highlands of Guatemala, is the only hospital serving a region of over 60,000 people. Most of the people live in one of 208 surrounding villages, many of which are only accessible by walking or horseback. Family and friends will often carry the sick person in a chair on their backs, over trails and through rivers, to reach the hospital.

The hospital is staffed by competent and caring individuals but it often lacks the resources to meet the health care needs of the community. An anesthesia machine and lab equipment were acquired with the help of UbF working with Rotary International and Friends of Guatemala. United by Friendship has provided funding to repair the hospital's electricity generator.

There is a continuing need for supplies such as bed linens, surgical instruments and consumables such as sutures, gloves, hernia mesh and wound care dressings. United by Friendship is dedicated to obtaining medical equipment and supplies for the hospital of Uspantan. This is an on-going project that welcomes your interest and assistance.



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