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Repair of Rural Health Clinic

In 2009 the United by Friendship's team of volunteers received an invitation to visit the Caracol rural heath clinic  from its nurse manager.  During our visit it became clear why there had been a sense of desperation in his invitation. The clinic had deteriorated to a very sad state. The roof had gaping holes and there were puddles of water on the floor. The medical equipment and supplies were wet, as well as the cot where he slept each night. There was no water to the facility, the paint was peeling from the walls, and the clinic had no ceiling. It  rained during our visit and we had to shout to be heard above the loud sound of rain falling on the aluminum roof. In this region of the cloud forest it rains 10 months per year, making it nearly impossible to hear breath or heart sounds during most of the patient appointments.

Upon further investigation we learned that this clinic fell under the jurisdiction of the national ministry of health which unfortunately did not have the resources to repair its infrastructure.  United by Friendship agreed to a partnership with the local county government whereby UbF would cover the cost of the roof and ceiling and the county would provide a functioning water system and would repair and repaint the facility.

In March of 2010, the UbF volunteers were invited once again to visit the clinic. This time they found a freshly painted facility with a new roof, a ceiling and running water. The clinic's staff happily welcomed them and were effusive in their appreciation for their ability to better attend their patients.



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