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School House for Xejuyub

The hamlet of Xejuyub, located in central Guatemala, understands that education is a key to reducing poverty and increasing opportunity. Some years ago the parents of Xejuyub built a windowless, one room, corrugated tin school house with a dirt floor for their children in grades 1-4. Imagine trying to write and do math in a giant tin can! The community wanted its children to have a more comfortable and functional space in which to learn so Xejuyub asked UbF to partner with them in constructing a new two-room school house. They offered to provide the labor if UbF would provide the construction materials. UbF gladly honored their request, appealed to our generous donors and raised $12,000 for the project.

In the spring of 2008, a team of UbF volunteers visited Xejuyub to celebrate the completion of this beautifully designed new school. The interior is divided by two large metal doors, creating two separate classrooms. When the doors are open the two classrooms are transformed into one large room for use for assemblies and/or community events. We were pleased to have included a flush toilets and a septic system, rare amenities in this region. They also planted a lovely herb garden that the children tend at recess.  In 2011 a coalition of Rotary clubs  added a play ground and fence for the school and in 2012 United by Friendship   added a kitchen to improve the students nutrition.

 Along the front outside wall of the classrooms are commemorative tiles of those individuals that contributed $500 or more toward this project.  During the official inauguration Deborah Simon, President of UbF, addressed the community and explained that it was the donations of many people that made it possible for UbF to build the school. She encouraged the people to view the tiles that adorn the front wall of the school as a daily reminder that "they are not alone". She reminded them that many people in the other lands  value the education of these Guatemalan children. The people were moved by her words, and repeated softly "We are not alone." The parents, teachers and students of Xejuyub conveyed their profound gratitude to you in the words "Mil Gracias." — A Thousand Thanks.



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