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Old School    Kids

When the 2013 UbF team visited the community of Argentina, located in the Guatemalan tropics, it was immediately evident that the need for an adequate educational facility was desperate. The small one-room school with its dirt floor was open to the elements, allowing for bats, rats, chickens and snakes to enter the school.  The sole instructor taught all six grades by positioning the students of the 1st and 2nd grades facing one direction and the 3rd – 6th graders facing the opposite direction. In the same tiny room the teacher went back and forth teaching the 47 students of all six grades. There were no windows or even a desk for the teacher. 

School Opening    Inside School

Upon learning of the situation, Leon Saga and his family donated funds for the construction of a beautiful new school.  The school was completed in February of 2014.  When the UbF volunteers returned they found a lovely blue school made of concrete block, with lots of windows and plenty of desks for all.  The community is very proud of its new school and celebrated with dances, marimba music, turkey soup and piñata.  Thanks to Leon, the children of Argentina will now have a better environment in which to get the education they so much deserve.  

Pinata    Argentina Girl  


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