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Weavers Association of Caracol

Men, women and youth of the highland village of Caracol recently formed a weaving association for the purpose of producing fine, culturally distinctive fabric that will generate an income for their families. This in turn will improve the opportunities for better health and education for their children and provide an industry whereby the next generation can earn a living wage while remaining in their village. Their intent is to compete in international markets.  

Thanks to a grant from the AC AD Foundation for World Health, UbF has supported their initiative with the purchase of sewing machines, rent of studio space and most recently the salary of a master weaver named Amalia. Under the guidance of Amalia the weavers are learning to use natural dyes from the regional native plants and have planted a garden with these specific plants in order to have a convenient and adequate supply. They have built 30 shuttle looms and spinning wheels made from bicycle wheels.  As the quality of their weaving improves she will assist them in design, color, bookkeeping and marketing.  They also wish to be proficient in the use of back-strap looms which Amalia does so well and for which Guatemala is famous. UbF is pleased to support this project in economic development.    



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