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For many in Central America, each day is a struggle for the most basic of human needs - the need for clean water, education, healthcare and a means to make a living. United by Friendship was formed in order to assist small communities in Central America respond quickly to the multitude of needs. Over the years, members of UbF have partnered with Central American mayors, local development committees, school and hospital administrators, engineers and Rotary clubs to address these needs.

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The chlorinated water systems have significantly reduced the incidence of cholera, gastrointestinal illness and the infant mortality rate. The projects to improve the infrastructure of hospitals have allowed expanded services to rural communities. The success of these projects is due to developing a true partnership with the communities in which UbF works. UbF uses local engineers and expertise as much as possible. It has a volunteer Central American on-site coordinator. To ensure the sustainability of the projects, systems of accountability are put in place and on-site visits to review the projects are done annually. Cultural etiquette and protocol is respected.



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